Live Stream

Stream your show on Twitch or YouTube in our studio


We offer an open production space and 24′ by 14′ cyclorama

Green Screen Cyc

Film a variety of projects on our 24' cyc wall


A laid back environment for your subjects

Hair and Make-Up

Hair washing sink, salon seating, and color corrected lighting

Welcome to ISML

Island Station Media Lab is a modest sized multimedia green screen studio located 5 miles south of Portland on Hwy 99e. The entire facility is available for hourly rental. Our space accommodates everyone from the largest entertainment company to the smallest podcaster or freelance creative. Island Station is the choice for indie film creatives. Learn more about our facility!

Indie accessible

Indie accessible
Video, Photo, Voice, Film, Podcasting. Create your projects at Island Station Media Lab.


Commercial clients can get access to the entire lab for short turnarounds or even long-term runs.

Walk In, White Balance, Shoot

Walk In, White Balance, Shoot
Island Station Media Lab boasts well over 1000 sq. ft. of production space, including a large open production floor, 180 cyclorama, vocal isolation booth, hair & makeup station, visitor lounge, production office …
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