Island Station Media Lab

  • 10 min south of Portland
  • 1,000+ sq. ft. work space
  • 24′ wide 180 cyc wall  (B STAGE) – green, pre-llit
  • 8′ wide table top product cyc (C STAGE) – white, pre-lit
  • 14′ ceilings
  • 50 amp power drops
  • Grip closet (assorted gaff, stands, gels)
  • In-house lighting kits
  • WiFi
  • Black, white and green seamless rolls, assorted soft goods
  • Blue and black curtain drape
  • Kitchen prep area
  • Hair & makeup station
  • Change room
  • Guest green room with 1500+ vinyl records
  • Production office and editing suite
  • Voice-over | ADR  sound booth
  • Separate audio control room
  • 1/2″ reel-to-reel 8 track machine
  • Snake, mixing board and full compliment of mics to record a band/drum set.
  • On site stage manager
  • Public Address system (PA) for video shoots
  • 2 full clothing racks of prop clothing
  • Roll up garage door
  • Available 24 hours

For indie content creators

Island Station is open to producers and talent seeking to create their own original content who might benefit from a bump up in production quality. We offer a relaxed and easy going atmosphere, flexible scheduling, and competitive rates. Those looking to take the plunge in a multimedia facility, Island Station will be a non threatening play box to learn in. For those who have become old hands at filming and producing their own shows, Island Station will prove to be a formidable asset where turn around and consistent look make serial content all the less stressful to create.

For photographers

Photo booth studios are popping up all over the place these days. A couple lights and a back drop is now a turn key $100/hour photo solution. At Island Station, we offer a cool, rock and roll environment for when you have profile clients who need an interesting hangout while you run your session. Leverage Island Station. Use our space as a hip destination for clients to meet, relax and enjoy themselves. Talent will enjoy themselves in the visitor lounge with over 1000 vinyl records, make use of the hair & make up station and dressing room.

For commercial clients

Commercial productions will select Island Station as their go to for a B studio when other larger facilities are unavailable. Island Station is your best alternative stage when confronted by budget, need for 24 hour access, and the ability to bring in your own equipment (vs forced house rental).


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